Dan KingHi, I’m Dan! I’m an attorney and entrepreneur. I was formerly at a large corporate law firm and acted as an advisor on the Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank TV shows.

I was lucky to have some great jobs but I always had an urge to do something entrepreneurial and I wasn’t very clear on my strengths and weaknesses. I felt aimless. I tried to start a business and failed. After another job, I tried again.

This time, things turned out differently. I was able to quickly build on what I’d already learnt to not only match my previous six figure salary – but to exceed it!

Income Spreadsheet

I also now have the freedom to pursue the projects that interest me, most.

I reflected on how and why I achieved a better outcome and realised there was a three step process:

  1. Developing deep self-awareness of your greatest strengths
  2. Exposing yourself to all kinds of creative monetizable ideas
  3. Learning productivity systems so you can implement what you learn

Today, I run Multiple Income Streams Hub where I teach people to plan their finances around multiple streams of income. When I’m not teaching people how to build multiple income streams, I run a consulting company based on the same philosophy. I earn money from speaking, teaching at multiple universities and consulting.

Both companies are based on my distinctive strengths: A buccaneering, risk-taking creativity that empowers me to discover super unconventional ideas, an intuitive sense of how to apply them in other’s lives, and a love of teaching them.

So if you want to brainstorm a new income stream, or discuss something else, see what I can do for you.

Or, you can request a call with me here:

Speak soon!
– Dan King.