Here are just a few words from people who’ve worked with me before…

“…thank you for being a great prof. Unfortunately, there are too few teachers like you.” – Vivasvat

“Just wanted to say how much I appreciated the course. I can honestly say that it was one of the best courses I have ever taken. – Jonathan

Also, here are some other comments from our feedback forms…

“This class is wonderful – he is engaging and enthusiastic about the material. The content can get a bit complex, but it is explained in a very easy to understand manner.” – Ephraim

“Very warm, ‘chill’, interesting, humble, engaged and engaging.” – JF

“Passionate, caring and dedicated to getting us to think outside the box.” – Genevieve

“Engaging, hugely practical, easy to follow. He is a clear communicator and organizes material in a way that is interesting. His teaching style is realistic and simple (which I really appreciated). I spent plenty of time outside of class reading extra about what we learned in class. What I have learned from him has and will continue to “stick”.” – Maria

“I don’t think I have ever filled out a feedback form until now – he is great. Best course I have ever taken.” – Frank